About Ruben

At 13 years old, Ruben had an interest in mobile apps and developed four apps by 15. Having had no experience in business or creating apps Ruben set out to learn how to develop apps for Android, by watching video tutorials on YouTube. The apps started reaching people internationally and eventually reached people across 15 different countries. At this point, Ruben was moving into secondary school and began juggling school work and business. Following this, aged 16, Ruben discovered he was running a business and created his first business RDNHD Ltd a UK based digital agency.

RDNHD Ltd started growing rapidly and started finding strategic partners while building a team of designers, programmers and social media team working with numerous startups and online influencers with large followings on social media.

Ruben began to outsource some of the work to the team he built over the years,  who could deliver the projects on time. Overtime Ruben began to get national and international press coverage for being so young and running a business. 

Ruben was asked to appear on a number of TV shows to share his journey and knowledge whilst also speak at conferences including TED Talks and Google Campus London about his story. Ruben is now focussing a lot more on his businesses, public speaking and working with the Government.